10 Things Blogging and Babies Have in Common

If you are a parent as well as a blogger, then you’ve likely noticed that {with the exception of the dirty diapers and near-constant drooling} blogging and babies actually have a lot in common. Really, have you thought about the fact that they both tend to keep you up at night, cause you to experience profound mood swings, and {somehow} they both have the ability to drain your wallet faster than a cat on a hot tin roof. Sorry, my southern side is starting to show.

Here are a few more things that blogging and babies have in common. {Plus a few one-liners to keep you reading}.

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10 Things Blogging and Babies Have in Common

10 Things Blogging and Babies have in common


1.  You spend hours “giving birth” to both of them.

When it comes to “birthing” a baby, a mom puts in hours of work even before the actual labor begins. From bearing the physical strain of carrying a baby to full-term to spending hours studying every parenting book she can get her hands on, she does her best to prepare herself for what lies ahead. Unfortunately, no two deliveries are alike and you really never know what to expect in the delivery room. That’s why it helps to have someone you can go to (like a doula or an experienced friend) for advice.

Starting a blog is a similar process. Even before you hit “publish” you most likely put in hours of research. You bore the physical strain of sitting in a chair at a desk hunched over a keyboard for hours at a time in your quest to learn everything you could about the blogging process. If you were smart, you followed the advice of a veteran blogger (or two). Maybe you even took classes on how to use Pinterest in order to explode your page views. Or maybe you took the time to research which affiliates would be a good fit for your blog.

SIDE NOTE: If you haven’t yet learned how to increase your page views through Pinterest or you don’t have a clue which affiliates to use (or what “affiliate” even means), I highly recommend  The Pinterest Strategy Guide and The Core Affiliate Strategy Guide. Both were created by Rosemarie at The Busy Budgeter. These two inexpensive resources helped me grow my blog’s income and page views practically overnight. {Which, by the way, is quicker than some babies are delivered}.

Never give up on your dreams. Keep sleeping.

2.  They both cause you to lose insane amounts of sleep.

I have three “babies” who are now ages 9, 14, and 18 and I haven’t had a solid night’s sleep since the oldest was born. Seriously. If you are lucky enough to have a baby that sleeps for 8 hours straight, you can consider yourself blessed.

If you are a blogger, chances are, you’ve pulled an all-nighter (or two). Perhaps you had a technical glitch you just had to fix, or you switched email marketing providers and you needed to work hard to switch your list over before the morning “rush”. Whatever the reason, you’ve probably lost valuable *z’s* due to your blog.

3.  Both can fill you with immense joy.

That feeling you had when your baby rolled over for the very first time, ate his first solid food and took her first steps. It’s a feeling of such overwhelming happiness which not very many of life’s experiences can compare to. Unless that is, you are a blogger.

That feeling you had when your blog went “live”, you received your first 100, 1,000 or 10,000 page views, and you cashed your first check from the ad network. Ahhh… pure bliss.

I changed all my passwords to “incorrect”, so that whenever I forget, it will tell me, “Your password is incorrect.”

4.  Blogging and babies can both cause you to doubt yourself like never before.

Having a baby and running a blog can both cause you to think you’ve either lost your mind or that you never had it to begin with. Especially if you have a baby and blog at the same time. Which, by the way, if you do, I hold you in the highest esteem.

After having each of my babies I went through a (thankfully brief) period of time in a sort of daze (which I’m positive was caused by sleep deprivation). To make matters worse, raging hormones would cause me to snap at my husband one minute and weep uncontrollably over a commercial the next. Additionally, during the rare times, I felt sane enough to attempt to do anything that a grown-up should be able to do (like read a book or write a sentence), my brain would turn to mush and I was unable to form a complete thought. Let alone write it down.

Yep, blogging is just like this. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve screamed at my computer screen (or mouse or keyboard) in anguish. Or while searching for the perfect graphic, I stumbled across a picture of a baby (or a puppy) and have been moved to tears. Other times, when I’ve misspelled a word for the umpteenth time, I find myself wondering what made me think I was ever literate enough to call myself a writer.

5.  Both can make you cry… A lot.

The first time your baby fell and got hurt you probably cried more than he did. Am I right? Especially if you blamed yourself for the injury. Been there, done that, multiple times.

True story, when my youngest was a toddler I decided to get in shape by lifting weights. I was in the living room doing curls with steel barbells when he came up behind me. Not knowing he was there, I accidentally whacked him on the forehead with the weight. Because it was a head wound, it bled…a lot. I immediately broke down sobbing and apologizing profusely. He. on the other hand,  barely even shed a tear.

If you’ve never cried over your blog, well…you either don’t have a heart, or you’ve never lost hours worth of work at the click of a button.

Blogging and Babies

I love how people say they’re “expecting” a baby, as if it might be something else, like a penguin.

6.  Both can cause you to become extremely protective.

Let me tell you, the first time another kid hurt my son, I was so angry, it took (6) other moms to hold me back (and he was only 2 years old). Just kidding. But…I was super mad at that little monster for biting my sweet, innocent child. It’s an experience neither my son nor I ever fully recovered from. Actually, I’m pretty sure he’s forgotten all about it due to the fact that it happened when he was two and he’s now 18.

Likewise with my blog. Threaten it in any way, be it with malware, viruses, or firewall attacks, and you’d better start running. Not that I actually know what any of those things are.

7.  Blogging and Babies {can} cost a lot of money

When I was pregnant with my first son, I (mistakenly) thought he needed so much “stuff”. And, that stuff wasn’t free. Before we even brought him home from the hospital, my husband and I had already purchased a crib, bassinet, playpen, boppy pillow, car seat, stroller, bouncy seat, play mat, enough clothes for 10 babies (they are just so cute!), and so. many. toys. When our second son was born, we purchased a crib, car seat, a basic layette set, and a few toys. When my third son was born, we purchased a pack-n-play (so he could sleep anywhere) and a car seat. He wore his brother’s hand-me-downs and played with bowls and plastic mixing cups from the kitchen.

Just like the expenses that accompany a baby can add up, the cost of a blog can also quickly get out of control (if you let it). Between a web host, theme, email service, stock photo service, an automated pinning service (for Pinterest), and the multitude of courses available to bloggers, you can end up spending $1,000 or more before your blog has earned you a cent.

Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.

8. They both cause you to neglect your spouse.

If you are a blogger and you’ve ever said to your spouse (or significant other) “Not now, honey, I’m in the middle of optimizing my graphics for Pinterest. ” Or if your husband has ever been (just a little bit) jealous of all of the attention the baby gets from you, Then you understand perfectly where I am coming from.

9.  They both cause you to slack on personal hygiene. 

I remember (for quite some time) after my sons were born, I was lucky to be able to jump in the shower for longer than 2 minutes. Now that I am a blogger, there are days (too many to admit) that I discover that I am still in my pajamas at 4:00 pm. And still, other days when I get so immersed in writing a post, that I forget to even brush my teeth. You can bet those are the same days when my deodorant goes unused, too.

I really hope I am not the only one who does this!

10. You can’t stop talking about either one of them.

This actually just happened today. One of my (non-blogger) friends asked me how my blog was going. I immediately launched into a narrative of how I accidentally switched my web hosting to VPS without realizing my hosting company didn’t manage it. So…I had to switch web hosting companies and now my blog is being migrated over to the new company. Unfortunately, my site may still end up experiencing some downtime due to the propagation of my DNS…

The smile on her face soon began to fade and was quickly replaced with a blank stare.

The same thing used to happen to me every time I started talking to someone about my baby’s latest accomplishments.

Go figure.

The next time you are balancing your baby on your lap while frantically working on your blog, remember just how much alike they really are!

I farted in the Apple store and everyone yelled at me. It’s not my fault they don’t have Windows!


Jokes provided by quickfunnyjokes.com


Too funny! I am going to pin this to remind myself that I can blog AND have a baby at the same time. Because, really, they are so much alike!


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