Boy’s Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Today I decluttered my children’s closet and reduced their clothes down to the items they actually wear. I created a minimal boy’s winter capsule wardrobe for each of them. Check it out:

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Boy’s Winter Capsule Wardrobe

I followed the same method I used when I decluttered my own wardrobeFirst, I took everything out of their closet and drawers and put it all in one location. Then, I sorted the monstrous pile into smaller, more manageable categories. I had two piles of tops, bottoms, pajamas, etc. One for each boy. Next, I went through the items in each pile one at a time. If the article of clothing was torn or stained, I threw it out or re-purposed it for play. If my son had outgrown the item or it was ill-fitting, I set it aside for donation. Then, I went through each pile again and reduced it to a manageable amount. For example, my son had more than twenty tee shirts left after the first sort. I went through them again only saving the ones I’ve seen him wear in the last three months or so. Finally, I put all of the boys’ clothes back into the closet.

I threw away ten or so items. Some of the clothing still fit one of my sons but was not suitable for winter in Colorado, so I packed these items away for warmer weather. I’m sure they will reappear in their Spring/Summer capsules. In the end, I had about three bags of clothing to donate.  

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What remains

For those of you who like numbers, each boy was left with about 6 pairs of pants and 12 tops hanging in their closets. In addition, they ended up with approximately 6 shirts and 6 bottoms to play in and to wear around the house.

If you haven’t seen the video of my winter capsule wardrobe of 32 items, check it out.

What do you think? Are you ready to tackle your kid’s clothes? If you’ve already reduced your child’s clothing, let me know how it went.

Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe for a 9 year old and a 13 year old.


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