Stitch Fix Unboxing Spring 2017

Join me as I share a quick video of my very first Stitch Fix unboxing.

Stitch Fix Unboxing Spring 2017

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You may be wondering why a minimalist (that’s me) who lives with a capsule wardrobe of thirty-three items (or less) would even want to try a program like Stitch Fix.  After all, wouldn’t using Stitch Fix result in me adding too many items to my wardrobe? Honestly, I was a little worried about that too.

However, my Spring capsule wardrobe is looking rather tired. Many of the items in my closet have developed holes, pills, and visible fading. My plan is to use the rule of one-in-one-out in order to give my Spring wardrobe a much-needed update.

My goal is to see if I can use Stitch Fix (along with consignment stores and off-the-rack clothing) to create a capsule wardrobe of approximately (7) tops, (7) bottoms, (2) dresses and a couple of cardigans.

You may have noticed that the total number of items I plan on having in my Spring wardrobe is less than my usual 33. This is because I really believe I can get by with less. I noticed with my Fall/Winter wardrobe of 33 items, that there were quite a few items which never left my closet the entire season. Therefore, I have decided to present myself with a challenge of finding high-quality, long-lasting, timeless pieces to “fill” my closet with.

That’s where Stitch Fix comes in.

I’ve never participated in the Stitch Fix program before, and I was a little nervous to see what they would choose to send me in my first shipment. My first concern was that nothing would fit. After all, that’s usually my experience when I go shopping for clothes. Also, as someone who buys practically all of her clothing from JC Penney, and consignment shops,  I had no clue what to expect in regards to prices. Would the clothing fit my tastes/lifestyle?

Watch the video of my first Stitch Fix Unboxing to find out what items were included in my very first shipment. I try on the items and give you my honest opinion of the clothing and (more importantly) the prices.

I hope my experience will help you decide is Stitch Fix is right for you. If you’d like to know more (or to sign up for your first fix) go to

See the Stitch Fix process from the time it arrives on my doorstep to the end result.

Watch the video of my first Stitch Fix shipment and find out what I really think of what's included.


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