How To Turn Your Master Bedroom Into A Romantic Retreat

What’s your favorite part of being on vacation? (Besides not having to cook). I’m willing to bet it’s the accommodations. If you are fortunate enough to have spent any length of time in a luxury resort (or even a modest hotel), you (and your partner) likely noticed an increase in romance as soon as you walked in the door. A large, inviting bed, crisp, cotton sheets, soft lighting, and clean, uncluttered surroundings awaited you at the turn of a key. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could recreate this setting in your own home? Guess what? It’s totally possible! You can turn your master bedroom into a romantic retreat by following the same formula many 5-star hotels use. Even better, you can duplicate the romantic atmosphere of a luxurious resort for considerably less than $200+ per night. Here’s how.

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How to Turn your Master Bedroom into a Romantic Retreat

How to Turn your master bedroom into a romantic retreat

Remove Clutter

The key to turning your master bedroom into a romantic retreat is to completely eliminate all traces of clutter. This is by far the hardest part of the entire transformation, yet it is also the most important. You can use my Shock Treatment Declutter Method to guide you in the decluttering process. Be sure to remove all traces of kids from your new romantic oasis, because nothing kills romance faster than rolling over on a Star Wars action figure. (Been there, done that.)

Also, any exercise equipment should be purged from the room. Not only is it an eyesore, but a treadmill in the room is a lot like the elephant in the room, it reminds us we should be using it. When we begin to feel bad about ourselves for not working out, our self-esteem tanks. The bedroom is not the place for such feelings. You don’t have to get rid of the exercise equipment (especially if you actually use it), just move it to another location.

A bedroom should be used for two things and two things only. Sleeping and well…you know. {wink wink}

 Choose a Calm Color Scheme

Most resorts incorporate a calm, light, neutral color scheme into their decor. This is because their primary goal is to make sure you are relaxed and comfortable during your stay. Shouldn’t you have these same feelings in your own home? Of course, you should! Think lighter shades of pink, peach, blue, purple or green. Here’s an example of some romantic, yet calming paint colors from The Home Depot.

How to Turn your Master Bedroom into a Romantic Retreat

If lighter colors aren’t your cup of tea, darker tones can be just as romantic. Just be careful not to turn your master bedroom into a claustrophobic dungeon. Dungeons are NOT romantic! Here are some great choices for dark shades that are romantic as well as calming. (Also from The Home Depot.)

How to Turn your Master Bedroom Into a Romantic Retreat

Create a Romantic Glow

Lighting sets the tone for a romantic space. When converting your master bedroom into a romantic retreat, think back to the last romantic resort you stayed in. Most likely, the room did not include just one main lighting fixture, but several smaller ones as well. Place a couple of bedside lamps (or hanging pendants) on either side of your bed for soft, warm, lighting.

Hotels are not allowed to use candles in their decor (fire hazard), but you can. Nothing is more romantic than a cluster of lit candles as the sole source of light in a room.

How to Turn your Master Bedroom into a Romantic Retreat

Add Texture

Give you and your partner something to touch in the room (besides each other). Activate the senses with crisp, Egyptian cotton sheets (the highest thread count you can afford) soft, comfy pillows and bedding, a few pieces of Textured Wall Art, and a cashmere throw blanket.  Additionally, you can turn your master bedroom into a romantic retreat by bringing some of the outdoors, indoors by adding some fresh flowers and a potted plant. Voila! Instant romance.

Eliminate Distractions

Eliminate the television set in your master bedroom or at the very least, hide it behind a set of curtains or in an armoire. Watching tv in bed has been proven to negatively affect sleep. Besides, you want your partner to be concentrating on you, not the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

Also, if you have a workstation or desk in your master bedroom, consider moving it to another room. If relocating your desk to another room is not an option, see if you can create space for it in your closet or another area of the room that is as far away from your bed as possible.

By removing the clutter, choosing a calm color scheme, eliminating distractions, and changing up your decor, you can successfully turn your master bedroom into a romantic retreat which will serve as a peaceful getaway for you and your spouse. Enjoy the resort experience each and every day without the hefty price tag!

How to Turn Your Master Bedroom Into a Romantic Retreat. Great ideas and nice choice of colors!

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